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Maricar Gonzales~ 14 (: San Diego~ You should follow me on Instagram, yeah? @mariiicaaarxoxo



"They Called Her “The World’s Ugliest Girl” & Her Response is Unbelievably Beautiful."

She is pure light

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Even I can’t walk in those heels.

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Zayn. Zayn. ZAYN! ZAYN! ZAYN!

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when people say years young instead of years old


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I’ve never loved someone as much as I loved you. I mean I’ve had previous relationships before but for some reason I just can’t seem to forget about you. I usually find someone else & start a new relationship in a month or two at the most. People say I should let go & move on. It’s not easy. I told myself that I really did love you. I knew it from the start. I admit my mistakes. I’ve learned & changed from them. But it doesn’t do anything to help bring you back, does it? If only you knew how I really felt about you.. 💔